"do u wanna dance?" NO!!

ahh, when i read in my sis blog, http://yookchen.blogspot.com what we have to do for our dance 2nd level exam, i just flipped out. it felt so overwhelming when its just for a damn extra-curicular activity which the college forced us to join. i asked why?!! since when did i re-entered sec. school again? i cant believe that i have to not only do that stupid aaron kwok dance again (dance fight) but i’ll have to do 2 more dances. not only that, i’ll have to get costumes for each dance, so there’ll be costume changes & money NOT well spent. but wait, there’s more. we have to dance in front of everyone cos its a damn competition! yep, urs truly will have to dance in front of a crowd. tell this to my old friends, they’ll surely laugh their heads off. well, all this will happen provided i pass my 1st level exam, which i sucked at. i dont know what to think of it, it felt very overwhelming yesterday night & to top it all off, i have to the dance assignment, study for my ‘writing 4 mass comm.’ & acc test & maybe try to write my mph essay. i dont think i’ll have time or energy or inspiration to do that essay anymore.

now feeling much calmer, i know it was the hormones making me feel like that last night. luckily the idiot box was there to comfort me. watched firefly, which is an interesting show but too bad its cancelled. i like that guy called wash (i sometimes have weird taste ;p). i kinda like this kind of sci-fi tv shows. it reminds me of something comforting

rumba anyone?…i think not

mood: weary & generally not good (its sunny day today, me dont like)

music: red 104.9fm

last watched movie/tv show: kill bill v.1 / dave letterman


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