msian idol

was anticipating yesterday night’s msian idol after the excitement of elimination rounds the previous week. but sadly, through no fault of the singers, it was a lil disappointing. theres the problem of lighting- everyone looked so orange or burnt. even if the sponsor is tmnet, u dont have to look like their color. aiyo what an eyesore. then there was the lack of a live audience, unlike american idol. i think without it takes the excitement from the proceedings. no live cheering, so boring. the decor also looked boring, the stage so small. cant they at least maintain some of the look & feel of the original idol?! the judges, well, i’ve always have a problem with them especially fauziah latif. she just says what the previous judge has stated. she doesnt seem to have an opinion of her own. then yesterday, even when some of the contestants clearly sucked (like the one who sang simply red’s if u dont know me by now), they praised them saying that its their best peformance yet la, good singers la, blah blah blah. such lame comments when its clear they dont want to say anything critical that could influence the viewers judgement. i think we’re smarter than that after watching american idol & what is a good singer/performer.

so personally i love nikki & syima, though the latter didnt perform quite well last night. but i liked her since she sang alicia keys during her audition, so unless she does something really badly, i’ll continue to support her. and that powerhouse nikki, such vocals for someone so young..i’m jealous, man. and i’m sure a lot of girls will vote for vick, so i dont have to spend another rm0.70 to vote for him. so the 3 that i’d love to see through to the top 10 are nikki, syima, vick or dina. these 4 are the best, especially nikki, who could challenge fantasia in world idol. woohoo! think most likely vick will go through but anyhow nikki must get through. she musts!!


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