itch, itch, itch

i’ve been drinking so much ‘leong cha’ & pure coconut water, i feel like a well. a leaking well, that is. every 30 minutes i’ve to go to the bathroom, which is such a hassle. but its healthy, i know.

ooh, i’m so tempted to scratch my body. its been hell; some of the pox look like mosquito bites while some look like gigantic pimples ready to erupt. itch, itch, itch… i cant take certain foods like my absolute fave – tofu. dammit, loh yook hwa does not ‘kai hau’.

i feel ugly & uncomfortable & that monthly visit is coming….k i’ll stop my whining now ;p

note to self: must find out how to put links into pics..any ideas, anyone? also must learn html 😉


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