of cream beans & jelly

i’m back from class after having 3 days off. even my writing has become worse, if u can believe that ;p have an econ test this thursday but still cant bring myself to study..sigh i have a perpetual lazy bone in me

just finish reading dan brown’s the da vinci code, which is very awesome! of course, u cant believe everything u read but still it was very thought-provoking & really opened-up my eyes. i really recommend it to everyone, if u are prepared to face questions posed bout christianity & the ur foundations shaken. well, i cant say that i dont believe in Jesus anymore, i still have faith in God but really, to quote napoleon, ‘history is just a fable agreed upon’. i cant deny the fact that the Bible, like many history books have been altered throughout the years by people for their own purpose. come to think of it, even if what is claimed in the book is true, it doesnt denounce the existence of Jesus & the good He has done, so i wonder why some Christians are condemning it? really have to research more into this. ahh some people really cant open up their minds to other possibilities, can they?

anyways, read the other day that the government is showing the Passion of the Christ here after censoring it, BUT only to Christians. how ridiculous is that?! why cant other people of other faiths watch this? i dont think that by watching it, u’ll immediately convert. its good to learn bout other religions/cultures mah or think of it as a historical movie. i think the chaos & wars that’s around us is caused by people who cant accept the fact that others may have another faith/religion. its all bout religious tolerance, so stop being such a narrow-minded, self-righteous extremist.


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  1. Ashen
    Jul 16, 2004 @ 10:19:00

    Hmm.. where did u hear that? I think it’s too late for the government to allow it, coz i think half of the nation has already seen it thru private congregations or pirated vcds.. haha!


  2. Jaden
    Jul 17, 2004 @ 13:26:00

    i read it in the newspapers last week i think. not sure if its confirmed


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